Owner/ Tenant Issues 

  • Technical understanding of  lease contracts and impacts on business costs, including gross, triple-net, and other legal structures.
  • Familiarity with the property search process, including development, tenant improvements, negotiations, etc.
  • Knowledge of tenant retention and recruitment strategies.
  • Financial analysis skills of impact of different lease structures and building acquisition.


  • Experience in office property evaluation, creation of purchase agreements, pricing negotiations, and income-stream analysis.
  • Detailed technical knowledge of capital markets, real estate loans and lending approaches, underwriting and financial aspects of real estate development and funding.
  • Familiarity of appraisal techniques and impact decisions.
  • Skilled at researching building ownership, transaction histories, and mining publicly available property data.

McCullough Marketing offers a diverse background of commercial and development services.  Our area of expertise includes:

Portfolio Assessment/ Planning

  • Instinct for needs of owners and asset managers, and ability to develop tools and resources that are clear, concise and actionable – not simply academic.
  • Technical familiarity with City of Nanaimo and Regional district practices such as zoning, bylaws, etc.
  • Adept at translating business and infrastructure issues into real estate financial terms such as net operating income, cap rates, etc.
  • Expertise in creation, assessment and implementation of commercial real estate action plans.
  • Creativity in assessing the current state of a real estate portfolio’s use, quantifying and prioritizing opportunities for the highest return on the investment.

Asset Management/ Building Performance 

  • Expertise in best practices of property management
  • Skilled in contract negotiation with service providers, establishing procurement and purchasing guidelines.
  • Knowledge of lease, bare land strata acquisitions, and complex re- development issues.
  • Ability to align a company’s financial performance with real estate acquisitions to improve that performance.
  • Knowledge of architectural procedures, City plans and current cost outlays for construction.