Areas of Concentration: 

Residential, commercial, multi-family, and sub-
divisions since 1979.

Brian McCullough’s Focus:

Brian McCullough is a specialist in the sale of all forms of investments in real estate throughout Vancouver Island.  Brian has vast experience in the structuring of real estate transactions and dealing with distressed real estate, commercial redevelopment, land acquisition, re-zoning developments and the repositioning of assets.  Brian’s focus is to exceed the expectations of, and maximize the return to owners, investors and occupiers of real estate by providing a broad range of real estate services from brokerages to value-added professional services.


Whether a clients’ goal is to acquire a site for a new building, sell a real estate asset or expand a commercial portfolio, Brian’s experience and extensive market research will ensure that the needs of his clients are met.  Brian will design a personalized marketing program for each client, specially designed to work within their budget and timeframe requirements.  The marketing synopsis will include:

  1. Target Audience – defining prospective buyers and tailoring marketing efforts to attract the largest impact within this audience.  This is paramount to responding to the common question “How will people know that this project is available for sale and why would they want to live or buy here?”  As well, if the project consists of lot sales, it will be important to construct a “Builder’s Program” to entice builders to pre-purchase land lots for building.
  2. Vision for the Development – review the “lifestyle” elements that buyers find attractive and integrate this into the fabric of the marketing program, including branding and advertising, including newspaper ads.
  3. Advertising – ensure that the website offers appealing features that provides relevant information, pricing, location and features that will enable consumers to form a positive response to the development and contact McCullough Marketing for more information or to construct an offer to purchase.
  4. Media Commitments – development schedule for advertising and budget and ensure that these timetables are met.  As well, look for creative opportunities to garner media attention with use of personal media contacts, press releases, etc.
  5. MLS – develop a marketing program that creates a positive environment for support and reciprocity among other local realtors.  This will include Realtor Luncheons, Exclusive Programs for selling agents and optimizing the full extent of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) such as, etc.