What’s Going On

What’s Going On


 Mother, mother, there’s too many of you crying, Brother, brother, brother, there’s far too many of you dying, You know we’ve got to find a way, to bring some lovin’ here today, Father, father We don’t need to escalate, You see, war is not the answer, For only love can conquer hate, You know we’ve got to find a way, To bring some lovin’ here today, Picket lines and picket signs, Don’t punish me with brutality, Talk to me So you can see Oh, what’s going on

Marvin Gaye


I was listening to a 1971 Marvin Gaye album this last week and a couple of the songs really resonated with me, “What’s going on & Brother Brother”

I know that we all seem to say these days that “you can’t fix stupid”, a saying that was invented by my assistant, but are we really dumbing it down today or does it just look that way?

It looks that way to me and I know that my Dad would roll over in his grave if saw what is going on today. To say that idiocy is rampant seems to be easy to spot if you actually watch what is going on around you.

I personally have taken to rationing myself to very small snippets of news because I still think it is good to keep my blood pressure up. I watch only enough till I feel the need to throw something at the TV then I shut it off. On the odd occasion that I don’t shut it off quickly enough I experience the noticeable tightening in my neck, the onslaught of a headache combined with an agitation that is hard to describe but could be compared to something that you might see when someone is tweaking on meth.

I have always considered myself to be someone that has a reasonable amount of common sense, in my latter years much more restrain as I haven’t punched a wall or inanimate object for years, the ability to understand right from wrong, the desire to reason with unreasonable people and an ability to avoid the situations that I would most surely regret an immediate burst of adrenaline-fueled fury. Deep breathing and a technique I call “tongue biting” work well for me in most situation, unless of course it doesn’t but it my adult years it has served me well. There is also a technique I use which entails shutting up so you don’t say something stupid or something that you wish you had never said and can’t take back. I think that came from someone I heard say, “Shut the F… up and listen”. Made sense to me!!!

It appears to me in my casual observance, that politicians at ALL levels have refined the “Dumb down” technique as it appears that most don’t know what they are talking about, contradict themselves but they still say it anyways without realizing just how ridiculous what they just said is. Then they implement those ridiculous ideas with studies that rationalize the idea then implement it for the taxpayers to pay for. All you need do is look around your fair city wherever that may be and see the taxpayer funded non-sense that furthers a Politian’s pet projects. I often wonder if they would ever do their pet projects with their own money if they had their own funds, but I think I know the answer to that. It is rather interesting that when you have pay for something yourself, it suddenly does not seem so important anymore!!

What is happening around the globe with all the “special interests” movements, the me me me mentality, the I am the victim way of thinking, people having to claim responsibility for things they did not do, didn’t know who did them and wouldn’t have condoned it if they had known, needs to stop. Please just STOP this lunacy.

My hope is, that people on this planet start to do the best they can to get along with each other, start to understand that it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what religion you are or aren’t, whether you agree or disagree with others, don’t force unwanted or unnecessary expenses on others if they are opposed to it and start to respect each other more than what I see today. I know so many wonderful people who always do the right thing, are respectful, truthful, tolerable, and just downright good people and they are not who I am referring to. I saw at a protest rally held at the hospital this week that a protester spit in a health care workers face. This worker doesn’t deserve that, they are just trying to save lives and do their job. It is a shameful example of where we are heading with all these self-serving movements.

One last thought, some people need to learn the technique of biting one’s tongue. It can make a world of difference for you and everyone around you

Children are back to school next week so be careful out there driving

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