The Wonderful World Of Cards

The Wonderful World Of Cards

The wonderful world of cards

This past weekend my wife and I went to our friends’ home for a wonderful dinner and were asked if we wanted to play Canasta. My wife said that I didn’t play cards, but I said I would give it a try and we had a really great time and a lot of laughs.  My wife then asked me a couple of days later if I would like to come visit her mother in her retirement home as I was now able to visit and we could play cards.  I thought I would take this opportunity to spend an afternoon playing cards with my wife and her Mother as it is only the last couple of weeks that I have been able to or allowed to visit her since March of 2020 so I jumped at the chance and put my appointments on hold for the afternoon.

I have never been a card player for no other good reason than my weird perception of it. Back when I was a kid and worked at the grain elevators, we all used to go to “stags” and parties where everyone was playing poker and gambling on payday Friday or Saturday nights and by the end of the night, guys would be borrowing money from me to stay in the game. I took this to heart and thought, if these guys had just been paid and then blew their pay cheques or a significant portion of them on a card game, then I would be best to keep my distance from the temptation and keep my hard earned money in a safe place. The gambling part of it just didn’t make any sense to me as I am more of a saver and investor and I don’t spend money on wasteful things because I work way too hard for it. What I guess I missed, was the fun of the game without realizing or thinking that you don’t have to play for money, you can just play for fun which is more up my alley!!!!

So, what is the background of this game that has so many people mesmerized by it?

The Chinese invented playing cards in AD 1000 or a bit before – so here are some interesting facts and observations about “playing cards”:

Did you know that the traditional deck of the playing cards is a strikingly coherent form of a calendar? Very intriguing indeed!

There are 52 weeks in the year and there are 52 playing cards in a deck.

There are 13 weeks in each season and there are 13 cards in each suit.

There are 4 seasons in a year and 4 suits in the deck.

There are 12 months in a year so there are 12 court cards. (those with faces namely Jack, Queen, King in each suit.)

The red cards represent Day, while black cards represent the Night.

Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, and the Kings = 13, then add up all the sums of 1 + 2 + 3 + …to 13 = 91.

Multiply this by 4, for the 4 suits, therefore 91 x 4 = 364,

Add 1 that is the Joker and you will arrive at the number 365 being the days in a year?

Is this construct a mere coincidence or the sign of great intelligence?

Of interest is the sum of the letters in all the names of the cards,  e.g., add up the letters in “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King” = 52!

The Spades indicated ploughing or working.
The Hearts indicated love for the crops.

The Diamonds indicated reaping the wealth.

The Clubs indicated protection and growth.

Also, in some card games 2 Jokers are used – indicating the Leap year.

This mathematical perfection is mind blowing and I have started to realize that the game sharpens your thinking and calculating abilities! OMG, I am a convert!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend now that things are starting to open up again and my wife and I will be entertaining our grandkids for a much overdue sleepover. Maybe we will slip in a card game once they fall asleep.

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