What the Hell Happened

What the Hell Happened

So….What the Hell happened

When you see the disgraceful behaviour around the globe these days, it just makes me ask the question. What the hell happened and how did we ever get to this place we now find so much of the world in? Manners, respect, telling the truth and good behaviour that us older generation were taught from an early age, now seem to have all but disappeared. Of course, it isn’t everyone and I know some amazing people who I am blessed to know, but I think many will see what I am getting at. What happened in the USA this last couple of days is a product of the road we have been travelling down for a long time. There used to be protests and demonstrations years ago, although I think they had a reason but today the mantra seems to be “Lets rip this bloody place apart”.

There is a hate for police, authority, the system and politics have divided many family members and friends. I have my own political thoughts and those are not the same as everyone of my friends and family but that doesn’t mean I want or find the need to attack them, belittle them or cut them out of my life. Differences in opinion, I have always thought were a good thing where we can all maybe learn something from others or see another side of the issues of the day. That doesn’t seem to be the case today. There seems to be a growing disproportionate population that hates what past generations worked so hard for. People have died in order to give us the rights and freedoms we enjoy today and in the span of a few years, so many have felt the need to tear the fabric of our society apart for whatever reasons which make no sense to me.

There is an entitlement that is equally as concerning. Many blame others and society for the mess they find their lives in which has always seemed to me to be a personal problem not something that has been inflicted on any of us. We all have choices. The premise to me has always been, hard work, commitment, dedication, honesty etc. prevail and if done in a consistent manner, pays each one of us back tenfold. I have never expected to receive a piece of what others have toiled for all their lives and make no mistake about it, I have had many setbacks in my life and times that I have questioned myself, my abilities, my desire and whether it was all worth it or not but those were my issues not yours or anyone else’s. I have made many missteps and mistakes in my life. I lost everything once, got divorced once, but these things were not other peoples faults they were my own. I feel I learned many things from these failures but one of them was definitely NOT to blame others. For me, failures have given me the opportunity to analyse what went wrong and learn from it.

What I seem to see today is a lack of personal accountability. Just think about it. Defund the police. There was a song Bad Boys” in 1987 by the Jamaican reggae band Inner Circle, which gained high popularity in the United States after its re-release in 1993 and it is well known as the opening theme to the American TV show “Cops”. The starting lyrics are “Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”. Well what are you going to do? The police have been severely stripped of any ability to protect the public or do their jobs. It is a sad state of affairs. I for one respect the police and I understand that there are always a few bad apples but really, would people be getting shot if they were not creating havoc and burning down cities. Probably not!!!

My view, everyone matters. EVERYONE. Maybe if everyone started doing one act of kindness everyday that you can, maybe, just maybe we could see a change for the better and maybe some of the people that are creating some of this havoc would start feeling better about themselves instead of putting so much effort into dragging society down to their level. It has to stop and that won’t happen by just standing back and telling law and order to step down.

I am hoping 2021 could be a year to stop the nonsense

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