What about the seniors?

What about the seniors?

Something  just doesn’t seem right with what’s been going on lately and in particular how seniors are not being as respected as they once were . I watched the news hour the other day while they interviewed some seniors who were talking about how difficult it’s been for them lately with the escalation in prices of goods and how much less their dollars buy today, the lack of return on moneys they have in the bank and how they’re starting to feel like they’re getting painted into a corner with little support federally or provincially and I tend to agree from what I see going on. I know that prices are something that continue to go up I get that part of it but when my Grandmother had her investments back in the 80s after my Grandfather passed away, she was getting I believe 11 1/2% and that income helped maintain her survive and it also helped in her later years while she was in a retirement home but today when you’re getting 1.2% at best in a bank GIC and .5% in a savings account and the cost of everything you buy, insurance, gas, food, rent and what not just keep going up and up I can see how seniors are really feeling the pinch and getting displaced today. The thing I find unbalanced, especially through this pandemic is that it seems like everybody’s being helped out in various degrees to the point where many people stopped working because it was better to just stay home and collect a check through the CERB program when it was introduced but the seniors aren’t getting any help and I find that to be really unfortunate. Earlier this year, seniors were told that they were going to get a one time $300 cheque,  WOW how generous to give seniors back $300 dollars of their own money. I did receive it, but my wife didn’t, and I know other seniors that didn’t. When I hear one politician stating publicly that “Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them”, it makes my blood boil.  I find that a very insulting comment and I understand that this great country of ours was built on immigration and I believe in immigration but what about the people that have paid into the tax base and pensions all of their lives and then it seems to me that they’re just getting kicked to the curb and now seniors are thought to serve no valuable purpose by some. Military Veterans in Vancouver this week were told that their parking privileges are going to be revolved because the City of Vancouver wants the revenue. Shame on you Vancouver, shame on you!!!

I see communities giving addicts phones and free data services and buying hotels to put them up in and other forms of housing without even trying to get them off the drugs, but meanwhile seniors are struggling to keep up with the pace of inflation and it just doesn’t seem like they’re getting the same attention as the rest. Interestingly, I was at Superstore today and there is designated family parking right up front? Why not designated seniors parking up front as well or can the seniors walk but the younger ones can’t? I know there is handicapped parking, but you need a handicapped sign in your car to use them. Let the seniors park up front, they deserve at least that!!!!

I think it is wonderful how the First Nations respect and honour their Elders. The First Nation Communities always consult the Elders when making important decisions for their communities because they understand that the Elders have knowledge and years of experience with many things and it is wise for them to be consulted and make use of that knowledge and experience so they can make the best decisions for all. It is also a way to show their Elders how much they are respected.

I guess all I am trying to say is, when you see an older person, smile and say hi, wonderful day, how are you doing, open the door for them so they can walk through first and show them in acts of kindness and respect that we do appreciate everything that they have done for our great country. Many have worked long hours at tough jobs all their lives which helped build this country to what we have come to enjoy.


Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!!!

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