Retirement is Overrated

Retirement is Overrated

I get that if you work a job that you hate, retirement may be the ultimate goal. But what if you actually love what you do? I am one of those sickies that love what I do and after 41 years doing what I love I constantly hear “when are you going to retire”. Frankly I am always dumbfounded by that comment as for me it just doesn’t register. I LOVE what I do!!!!  A few years ago, my wife and I came to an agreement after many years of when are you going to retire? We settled on, I will not work seven days a week but I love what I do and I also love the time that I spend with my wife, friends, family and grandkids so we settled on a better balance which included me doing what I love with my friends and family and balancing that with my other passion, my business. The first 17 years in real estate I confess that I did work 7 days a week and very long hours only to experience severe burn out which taught me that everything must have balance.

So why do people stress so much about retirement? The only thing that I can come up with is that they really don’t like what they do because the people I know that love what they do are like me and think that retirement is not for them. A number of years ago I worked in the same office as a wonderful man by the name of Jack Geisler who worked until he was, I believe 92. He LOVED what he did, and we all loved having him there. He would walk past my office in the morning on his way to his office and he would say “morning Kid” and I would ask him to come sit for a minute and I would pull out my shoe shiner and I would shine his shoes. It was a bit of a ritual that both Jack and I enjoyed. Jack loved life and everyone in it. It is amazing what you can learn from someone like this.

I guess retirement is just not for me. I would need to do something that I love as much which would be difficult at best. I mean I also love working in the yard, I am building a rock retaining wall right now and as someone just said to me, why are you doing that and not hiring someone? Well, that is one more thing I enjoy doing. I enjoy, building stuff, fences, rock walls,  retaining walls, doing landscaping, yard lights, renovations, I polish my own car because I do an awesome job, and painting….ya most times I do a better job.

I think for me it is the pride of what you do. As silly as it may seem, when I do something I will often sit back and look at it is admiration which may seem odd, but I get an incredibly good feeling  from this.

When I was very young and living on my own at 15, I remember cleaning the oak floors with steel wool and oil to bring them back to life. Strange? Not really. I pride myself in doing menial tasks that make things look wonderful, and that my friends is the pleasure in it all. If you find something you love, then embrace it and go for it. For me that means all the above. If I can do something that I am proud of and it makes me feel good, then that is something I want to do, which brings me back to the WHY.  If it feels good, then just go for it. As I have said before, there is no upside to sitting on the porch in a rocking chair when you are 90 and looking back wishing you had done or experienced certain things you wanted to do but were to scared to do it. I never want to be in that position….NEVER. I have tried and failed and got back up to succeed and then failed on other things to only figure them out a different way that works. It may seem strange, but failure is the way to success because that is how we all learn. Failure is not a negative, it is a future positive as that is what propels you to greatness. Not to say I am great, but when I fail and then reset to do it a different way and then succeed, I do feel great!!!

What is it that makes you feel great? Remember, when you are 90 years old is not the time to wish you had done the things you were to scared to try when you had the opportunity. As Nike says, “just do it!!!!”


Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!!!

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