Fast Cars and Drive Ins

Fast Cars and Drive Ins

What is the allure of collector or fast cars? I think it is the nostalgia of things from our childhood that we remember and want to relive or experience again. I have always loved fast cars and everything that goes with them. A bit of a fanatic you might say although I have always been one for shiny muscle cars and the unmistakable throaty sound they make. It brings me back to my childhood. My Dad always had cool cars. Buick’s and Oldsmobile’s. You know the type. Big shiny flashy examples of art in the form of a car. Oh Yea, that’s it. Art!!!

Cars just seemed to be a different thing back in the 50’s and 60’s. They were cool and a lot of things and activities centered around them, such as drive-in restaurants and drive-in theatres.

The first drive-in restaurants became popularized in the early 1920’s. At drive-ins, drivers were greeted in the parking lots by “carhops,” who would take their order back to the restaurant and return with trays of burgers and fries that clipped onto the car window. You may still see this practice today if the drive-thru lane is especially crowded!

Customers would then sit and eat the meal in their cars in the restaurant parking lot. From there, it was a natural evolution for drivers to pull up and order at windows, to save the carhops the time that it took to walk back and forth between the restaurant and cars.

Why Were Drive-Ins So Popular?

As cars became more affordable for families and therefore more commonplace, it was only natural that the restaurant industry would evolve to meet the increased demand for food on-the-go. The drive-in was born out of a combination of driver laziness and the desire for fast, efficient service.

I also, think that the cars were so cool that drivers wanted their cars to be part of the whole experience. We would go to the A&W which only served the cars in the parking lot as there was no sit down inside. We would just kick around and go from car to car to see what was going on. It was a social experience and when everyone left, they would be smoking up the tires.

Drive in theatre’s were a similar experience that started in the late 1940’s. Just a bunch of people out to have a great time while watching a movie.

Today, drive thru lanes at the fast food places offer the similar experience although not the same fun as the old days. Reports show that fast food restaurants make around 70% of their yearly revenue from the drive-thru lane – By 2020, total fast food spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $223 billion.

With the current Pandemic, a wonderful side effect could be Drive-in restaurants and Drive-in Theatre’s. Socially distancing with a different twist.

I have noticed a lot of collector and muscle cars on the road the last week or so as people are finally able to move around more freely and frankly are starved for some fun. As I pass each one and give a thumbs up, the drivers are inevitably grinning ear to ear


Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!!!

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