The Power of Compounding

The Power of Compounding

We have just been told that restrictions for social distancing may be relaxed.  So, where do we go from here?

I said to my wife the other day, man it’s going to feel really weird putting dress clothes on after this, and a haircut, now that I have missed the last 2, that will be an event!!!

Some of us will get up and get at it and some of us will lay on the couch. Which one are you? I know I’m the first because I want to get up and at it. This whole thing has not been good for most people’s self-esteem, mental health, or the economy. Subtle things start to tell me when I’m ready for a change.  Today I had a kick ass workout which means I’m ready to go and oh so looking forward to it. Open the gates please!!!

I’m not somebody who sits idle very well, it starts to really make me feel isolated and cut off from the world. Funny how isolation does that. As most people know, I am a huge advocate of goals. Goals can put things into prospective and remove some of the clutter in your mind. In concentration camps and during interrogation, isolation is used to break people down and it is something that can change your metal state and attitude. Things can become gloomy and can start to feel hopeless unless you sort through your brain clutter and concentrate on the positives in your life.  That is why I suggest that people would be well served by identifying some goals as we come out of this so you can be the best positioned to make it a positive outcome. My goals around the house are pretty much complete but the goals I am talking about are of a different nature. Far reaching goals like how you can position your life so that when this happens again you will be in the best position financially to be able to withstand the storm. This isn’t a “just in case thing”, because we will have many more bumps along the way. The bumps may not be Covid19 but they will come in different forms at different times in your life so it is in your and your family’s best interest to insulate yourselves against what may come in the future. I look at it this way, everybody’s lives are made up of certain habits. These are things we do every day that form who we are and what we do. You can have good habits and you can have bad habits but what will shape your life in a positive way is working on improving the good habits and eliminating the poor habits.

I look at goals as a kind of mental house keeping thing because what it does is strengthen your mind to feel good about yourself and your future rather than sliding down a rabbit hole of despair and negativity. Just as much energy goes into both but the outcomes are polar opposites!!! Looking at things as a glass half full rather than a glass half empty definitely is a good start.

Just like when you first start exercising, it is best to start light and slower, so you don’t cramp up and then gradually accelerate. Incremental bits every day. This is a way that I have found that you can maintain control and a continued forward movement without feeling overwhelmed.   It’s rather like compound interest which continually builds onto itself. Albert Einstein once said “compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. So, to can Goals be the most powerful force in your life if you put that small bit of effort in daily and watch it compound the over time to produce the abundance that you have always wished for. I have always used a journal or “Day Timer” to write down ALL the things I need to accomplish. I do it every day and I date every day. I prioritize what MUST get done and work on the others afterwards. I write down thoughts I have and interesting things I hear so I don’t lose them, and it seems to etch those things into my mind, so I remember them. For me, if I have a desk with unorganized paper all over it, my mind feels unorganized as well. If I take all those papers and put them neatly in one pile and start at the top either, filing, scanning, shredding or chucking, I can go through that pile in a fraction of the time and I feel mentally organized after as well.

What have you got to lose? Enjoy the sunny weather that is upon us.




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