In Crisis, Some People Rise To The Occasion Like Dr. Bonnie Henry.

In Crisis, Some People Rise To The Occasion Like Dr. Bonnie Henry.

In crisis situations some people rise to the occasion and shine.
Dr. Bonnie Henry is a shining example of this.


As I watch the coverage on TV as all of you are doing each day, I must say that I am incredibly impressed to see how everyone is working together to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Noticeably, we are not seeing political bickering between opposing political parties which I personally find to be a breath of fresh air. In unsure times such as these, people and especially governments need to pull together for the greater good of all. My hope would be that all the different political parties will come out of this with a newfound respect for each other and an understanding of the benefits of working as a cohesive unit rather than polarized opposites.

People whose incomes are going to be affected are now starting to see that mechanisms are being put in place to help them with financial relief for things such as deferring mortgage payments, help with rent payments and child care subsidies and many other things which will ease the anxieties of many people.

My personal shining star in this whole crisis is Dr Bonnie Henry who is the Provincial Health Officer!  Her calm demeanor and wonderful way of presenting the facts to the people of BC and elsewhere is very soothing, and provides a sense of calm in the middle of a storm and sets a wonderful example for us all.

Dr. Bonnie Henry was appointed as provincial health officer for the Province of BC effective February 1, 2018.  Dr. Bonnie Henry was the deputy provincial health officer for three years starting in August of 2014 and prior to that served as the interim provincial executive medical director of the BC Centre for Disease Control from December 2013 until August 2014.  She was also the medical director of Communicable Disease Prevention and Control and Public Health Emergency Management with the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and medical director for the provincial emerging and vector-borne diseases program as well as a provincial program for surveillance and control of healthcare associated infections; a position she started in February of 2005.

One reassuring thing that I saw yesterday in the news was an article from CNN which stated:

 “Hong Kong (CNN)China has reported no new locally transmitted coronavirus cases for the first time since the pandemic began, marking a major turning point in the global battle to contain Covid-19.  At a news conference on Thursday morning, officials from China’s National Health Commission announced there had been just 34 new cases in the past 24 hours — all imported from overseas — and eight new deaths, all in Hubei, the province where the virus was first identified. There were there no new reported cases in Hubei at all on Wednesday.  The milestone will likely be held up as proof of the ongoing success of China’s sweeping, top-down efforts to control the virus, despite persistent allegations that local officials mishandled the initial outbreak. Just last month, mainland China was reporting thousands of new cases every day and was considered the most high-risk infection area in the world.  In the weeks following the early spread of the virus, the government enacted draconian quarantine measures and strict travel restrictions affecting hundreds of millions of citizens. In some hard-hit cities, residents have been unable to leave their apartments for more than a month, while transport between major population hubs has been limited or halted altogether.  The unprecedented nature of the measures has exacted a steep toll, however, both on the many millions of ordinary Chinese forced to endure life under lockdown and the country’s economy, which has seen a steep decline in recent weeks.”

We all have the information of what it is we need to do. Limit your exposure with social distancing, wash your hands frequently and if you are not feeling well you need to self quarantine. Simply Google Covid-19 and you will have all the information you need to stay safe. Here is an informative link:

At this time, my son Myles and I are available to anyone that needs help, supplies, medication picked up and delivered or anything else you may need to keep you safe. If we can be of assistance, please contact us at or Of course, we are always here to help with your Real Estate needs and any questions you may have as to how to access funds for mortgage relief if that is something you require.

This is a great time for walks in the beautiful nature around us in our wonderful province.

Have an awesome weekend and stay safe.

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