Aren’t Kids and Grandbabies the Best?

Aren’t Kids and Grandbabies the Best?

Having kids is an experience above all but what they give you later is a gift that you hadn’t really considered at the time they were born which is truly amazing and that comes in the form of your grandkids.

My wife and I are watching a Netflix series called “Babies”. And it’s really an eye opener as to how babies react and how parents respond to them. It’s a six-part journey through the early lives of tiny humans. It shows the tantalizing glimpses of how each of these little ones are grasping the vital changes that the first few months of life can bring. The thought beckons, how did he become who they are?

Babies are born helpless but later in life they are the ones that run the world. Watching young three or four-year-old siblings touching and kissing or hugging their newborn brother or sister is so heartwarming.

This series deals with the biology and the bonding between child and parent. Apparently, the hormone Oxytocin plays a huge part in the parents bonding with children. Just to be clear, that is the hormone Oxytocin NOT the chemical OxyContin!!!  In this research they took samples from expectant mothers throughout the pregnancy and for the first month after birth by way of testing saliva for levels of Oxytocin. What they found was that oxytocin levels rise in mothers through pregnancy and through the first month after birth. What they also realized was that as the mother and the child started to touch each other and bond that the oxytocin levels in both mother and child rise, which made the mother want to engage with the baby more. This gives both an intense reward. So, the higher the oxytocin levels became in the mother, the more she bonded with her child. What they didn’t know was, that this was only half of the equation. They wondered what the relationship of all of this was with the fathers so they also measured oxytocin levels in fathers for the first month after birth. When they looked at the results it was shocking, because mothers and father’s oxytocin levels were identical meaning they had both risen dramatically through the birth and continued to rise while bonding with their children. What they also realized was that the more the mother and father engaged with their children the more the oxytocin system will activate. As a result of this most parents and children can form an unbreakable bond.

It is so interesting to watch a newborn child and how they look at everything and react to everything. Everything is such a wonder to them and as they grow from day to day they are constantly learning, constantly evolving sitting up standing up walking running figuring things out and it’s just a marvel to watch.

I have said many times over my life that you can mold your children into anything. They can become the best of the best or the worst of the worst and sometimes that just happens on its own but there’s no doubt that good parenting good bonding and I love between the parents and the children’s goes a long way in how they evolve through life.

Johanna and I have the grandbabies over for sleepovers on weekends and we have an incredible amount of fun and laughter, long walks and playing with them, and judging by how great you feel after I am sure the oxytocin levels increase immensely in the grandparents as well.

If you’re looking for some relaxing enjoyment throughout the weekend take the kids or the grandkids out for a long walk and explore, you’ll all feel great because of it and it gives you a chance to bond for that ever important “Feel Good Feeling”.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Brian & Myles McCullough

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