How Do You Decorate Your Home?

I remember years ago buying houses and renovating them and stripping off wall after wall after wall of wallpaper. Anyone who has done that knows it’s not a lot of fun and it takes forever!!!

Today, renovating homes that were built from around 2000 onward is not the chore it was with your old homes where you had to do so much to bring them up to grade. The newer homes are more of a paint job maybe flooring, new cabinet handles, some light fixtures etc.

Color can make a huge difference in your home regarding curb appeal, attractiveness, warmth and the eventual salability. Occasionally, we go through homes that have yellow or green walls or green shag carpet (that never wears out) and those are typically not attractive to most buyers.

The first house I ever sold 40 years ago was an immaculate split level, but it had been on the market for a couple of years. When I approached the owners, they asked me how I thought I could sell the home when it seems like nobody else was able to. As I was a new Realtor, I said I wasn’t sure, but I was going to do some checking around and I’d get back to them. When I asked everybody in the office what their thoughts were, they all seemed to say, it’s a wonderful home but it’s blue. I kept saying yeah, it’s the blue one on the corner and they all said, “no, it’s blue”. Tell them to change the color and more people would find it attractive. I found it odd as when I was a kid, blue was a favorite color of mine, but maybe that color is better in a sweater and not the outside of a house. I went back to the owners and I said, the consensus within my colleagues in the office is that the color of the outside of your home may be the issue and if you paint it white or a light colour it may have a better probability of selling. Well they took the advice because they had to do something, they painted the outside with one coat, and you could still see the blue through it. Then they painted the second coat on the front and the sides and hadn’t even finished the back yet when we got an offer on their home and it was sold. Hmmm, my first lesson in real estate and sure not the last but I always kept that one in the back of my mind.

Over the years I’ve seen purple houses, pink houses, navy blue houses and a whole array of other colors which sometimes work, but most often it doesn’t. When you’re doing things to update your home, although it’s you that’s going to be living in it, ultimately at some point, you’ll sell and you want your improvements to be a benefit and not a detriment to the sale.

Over the years I started to realize that, when your talking about decorating your home, sometimes less is more.

My wife and I, on our last few homes have taken to doing accent walls to accentuate parts of the home that have unique features and by doing that if you want to change an accent wall or a doors color it’s relatively easy and it’s not the same thing as painting your whole home. You can also effectively decorate a home by adding things like pillows, throw covers and attractive pieces that you find in your travels.

My wife and I are art lovers. As we travel a lot we run into unique pieces from the destinations we travel to that hold a warm spot in our heart and when you decorate your home with them, they may bring you back to the memories of the place where you discovered them. We have some wonderful art pieces that are conversation pieces and things that I look at often because of the meaning they hold for me. The awesome thing about Art is that it’s an investment and it’s portable so when you sell your home you take it with you. It becomes a part of you.

Recently we bought a piece from a young local artist and we were so please with the piece that we commissioned her to paint us two more pieces and we let her go with her intuition as to what would fit our home and we were wonderfully surprised to see what she created for us. The picture above is one of those pieces which adorns a wall in our home in the winter months and brings in some fun color and when we have summer get-togethers on the patio, you may see it hanging out there.

This talented local artist is Sophia Walker and she will be strutting her stuff at the Nanaimo Art Walk December 7-8. Lucid, the funky downtown clothing store at 35 Commercial St. She will have a full display of her art and art cards and if you desire, she could create something special for you like she did for us. Come and see her whimsical owls, chickens, herons and other feathered creations from 10-4 both days. 

 If you are putting your property on the market, and feel you need to give it that extra touch to make it the most saleable and profitable, just let us know at It’s what we do. Have an awesome weekend and hope you enjoy the art show.

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