Travel. What a Wonderful Experience Traveling Gives us!

Travel. What a Wonderful Experience Traveling Gives us!

My wife and I LOVE to travel!!!! We have been to Costa Rica 16 times, gone to Holland to see Johanna’s family, Germany to see friends, Italy, New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, Nicaragua, Portugal and so many more places and I can say that I really can’t get enough. Part of the awesomeness of this is that I travel with someone that I absolutely love to travel with. We love to see the same things, do the same things, are spontaneous in doing something at the spur of the moment, veering down a side road… well you get the drift. Travelling also seems to give you a much different perspective on things that you deal with in your day-to-day life and routine. I find that traveling gives you the opportunity to look at things in a different way look at your life and business in a different way and evaluate both for the most positive results.

So, what’s the point of this whole thing? I guess at most every turn I realize that real estate pretty much flows through my veins. I just can’t help myself from looking at properties that are for sale, sizing things up so to speak and wondering… what if. Then the logical side of me kicks in, and invariably I always come back to the fact that if you buy a piece of property anywhere that you’re travelling to, in the future you’re confined to only travelling there if you want to use it. What comes with owning a property in a distant location are property taxes, utilities bills, maintenance,  if it’s a hot place, air conditioning on when empty to keep mold away, you must have somebody go in to clean at least once a week or you’ll get mold and insect damage, you’ll probably have to spray for insects and you’ll probably need to have a management company and the fees that go along with that. The other fact is that you end up with a lot of capital tied up somewhere other than where you live, and you may not know what’s happening with the economy there until it’s too late.

I always come back to the thinking that the best way is to buy your rental properties where you live and use the income from that to go travel. Doing it this way you can travel the globe whenever and wherever you want. You may want to go to Italy one year, maybe Greece the next year maybe Portugal the next, maybe you want to go to New York or San Francisco, but you’re not confined to going to one place all the time.

If you buy a rental where you live you can drive by it occasionally to make sure everything looks good and you can deal with issues face to face.

If your interested in chatting about how you can own rental property and have it supplement your retirement income and fund your travels, we can help you set that up. All you have to do is contact us and we will look after the rest.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!

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