What Percentage of The Population Do You Fit Into?

What Percentage of The Population Do You Fit Into?

I seem to wake up thinking about the most ridiculous things. When I awoke early this morning at 2:55 am, I had “13%” stuck in my head, but I will get to that later.  Later that morning, my thoughts shifted to wondering what percentage of the population each of us fits into. Again, I have no idea how or why these thoughts pop into my mind. I am a “numbers kind of guy” which probably made me well-suited for real estate.

One of the things that I have always enjoyed was determining how to take a property, figure out the best way to develop it, crunch the numbers, and then if the numbers indicate a profitable venture, bring the property to clients that I know that may be interested. I figure I probably fall into a small percentage of people who would find this enjoyable or rewarding!  However, I am also that unique individual who loves the smell of dirt when a subdivision is first being cleared… but I chalk it up to being something like aromatherapy to me. Ok, I am digressing!  So back to the percentage of the population and where we fit in. There are roughly 7 billion people on this planet, and we can be and are all slotted into certain personality types. They are:

  • Gold Mine represents the security and value of the precious metal gold, the need for worth and value, the importance of purity. Gold Mines need to be responsible, to fulfill duties and obligations, to represent organization and structure. Gold Mines reflect practical sensibility, punctuality, and the belief the people should earn their way in life through hard work and service to others. Gold Mines reflect a need to belong and the effort to carry one’s share of the load in all areas of life. A Gold Mine is stability, maintained organizations, efficiency, a strong concept of home and family. A Gold Mine is faithful, loyal, and dependable.
  • Green Planet expresses itself as the will in operation, as perseverance and tenacity. Green Planets see the big picture and dislike getting caught up in the details. Green Planets see the connections in nature and projects, they see processes and options to improve. Green Planet is living, growing, developing. It is a striving for perfection, a reaching toward the sky, a developing of one’s own potential, and a reaching toward knowledge and truth. Green Planet represents complexity, fullness of life, and connections in the environment.
  • Orange Sky is energetic life. Orange Sky represents activity and vitality; it is vibrant, obvious, and immodest. Orange Sky is action energy, barriers/details frustrate them and slow them down. Orange Sky enjoys being the life of the party and any opportunity to perform. Orange Sky represents a yearning for the next, an aggressive lust for action, and drive for success. Orange Sky commands attention! Orange Sky is now.
  • Blue Ocean represents complete calm. The blue of the sky corresponds to serenity and peace, to tranquility and contentment. The blue of the ocean corresponds to cleansing and completeness, to loyalty and depth of feeling. Blue Ocean is balanced, harmonious and tension-free giving a feeling that is settled and secure. Blue Ocean represents completeness, unification and the sense of belonging. Blue Ocean suggests aesthetic sensitivity, empathy, and meditative awareness.

This is from a wonderful illustrator, Doug Bolger, and I would encourage everyone to check into this as you might be surprised as to what personality type you are. We are all a blend of these personality colors, although we do have a dominant color. Green is my dominant type, and because of this, I tend to analyze things.

So, I return to the “13%” thought I mentioned earlier. I heard that figure on the news recently in reference to the 13% of Canadians who are expected to NOT vote in the upcoming election (which astonishes me)! Being someone who needs to know “why”, I seem to be at a loss. The population in Canada is estimated at 37,302,398 as of Sunday, July 28, 2019, so that would mean that 4,849,311 people are not planning on voting.  There is so much dissention in politics today, so I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to ensure the platforms you care about (economic reform, immigration, etc.) are represented by those who share similar values or attitudes as your own.  I will be voting because I feel that if you don’t vote, you lose your voice. I hope that we all get out there and cast a ballot for whomever you think is the best choice. If you want to see change, please make a point of voting to have your voice heard.

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