What is life going to look like in 20 years?

What is life going to look like in 20 years?
Have you ever considered what life will look like in 20 years? I know that years ago, when I was young, I would never have anticipated what the world looks like today. I don’t really think we give these technological changes much thought, until you look backwards and realize how drastically our lives have evolved. When I became a real estate agent, we had no cell phones, no fax machines, and listings were couriered to our office (because the internet did not exist).

I look back over the last 50 years at the technological advances in terms of how business and day-to-day things are done in the world, and I try to imagine where we will be in five years.  However,  it’s hard to figure out because things change and evolve at such a rapid pace now.  Today,  we have so much technology, apps, and devices that we have to figure out and sort through it all (Apple music, Amazon music, etc.) just to determine where we choose to get our music. This trend is very true for real estate today, as there are countless programs designed to allow agents to connect with their clients, obtain signatures on contracts, or share listing details with other agents on the other side of the globe.  There are virtual tours, virtual reality, drone video, narrated video (that can be translated into numerous languages), 3D videos, and so much more available to help promote a listing in its best light.  We then try to make a choice out of the hundreds of things that are available to us.  My feeling is that over the next five years we will probably see changes that will eclipse what we have seen in the last 50 years combined.

I am in the process of changing everything in my home to 4K and the equipment that I put in 3 1/2 short years ago is now obsolete.  The reality is that as I’m doing so, this new “technology”  is already quickly becoming obsolete. I don’t really think that it is planned obsolescence, I think it’s just that technology is evolving so quickly, that as new things are being created, they’re already obsolete.  Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian professor of Sociology, was known for his 4 Laws of Media methodology.  The basic premise to his theory was that when something new is created, it will retrieve an earlier action/service, reverse to its original characteristics when pushed to the limits of its potential, make action/service obsolete, and enhance or improve.  To put this into perspective, the introduction of the Smartphone “retrieved” our ability to communicate by telephone, “reverse” or focus on improving the quality of the camera (high definition, editing apps, etc.), make “obsolete” the need for a home phone (or camera), and “enhance” our ability to communicate with others because a Smartphone now offers many apps that allow us to email, scan, and share ideas and information simultaneously (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – all on our Smartphone.

We could probably create a road map the future by reading comic books, because so many outlandish things that we’ve witnessed over the years in comic books have actually come to light. Maybe the “beam me up Scotty” in Star Trek will just become a mode of transportation that is available to us. Individuals like Elon Musk are talking about colonizing the moon, so is there a possibility that people will live on Mars and beam themselves and products they need up there back and forth from earth?  Who knows for certain, but in the words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changing”.

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