Live At Home Like You’re On Vacation

Live At Home Like You’re On Vacation

As a couple who do our fair share of travelling, my wife and I are always amazed at the beauty in the places we go. We’re either walking for hours on the beach, driving along country roads, travelling up steep mountain terrain, or visiting the quaint little cities. We are quick to say how beautiful these places are and how wonderful the people are, the good food, and endless days of sun and fun. We come home tired and glad to get into our own bed, doing some yard maintenance and then back to work. But hey wait a minute, what are we doing in this great place that we tell so many people about… and why are we working in the yard?  Something tells me that that’s just not right.

Earlier this week, while working out in my gym, I realized that my wife would love to be going out for a walk. Now most people that know me know I love to work out, but taking the time to spend it with my wife is something that is so important to me.  So, I shut out the lights, closed the door, and asked Johanna if she would like to Jack Point.  A quick shower and off we went.  For some of you who may not know, Jack’s Point is near the Duke Point ferry terminal and is an absolutely beautiful park. The park overlooks the estuary with the city of Nanaimo in the background.  It’s a long trail with nicely built stairs climbing the embankments and the views are to die for with petroglyphs and amazing sandstone rock formations along the beach. It’s a well-travelled place and you run into many people during your journey.

As we are going for a walk it keeps going through my mind the question as to why are we not doing this at home?  We travelled the globe seeing all the sights, walking the beaches, and exploring but when we come home, we forget to explore the beautiful island that we live on. Sometimes it’s easy to just let things slip by without enjoying the amazing beauty around us. Maybe we could all use that gentle nudge to go out and explore our own island with all of the great things to do here, and not look for them in other places. It’s great to go other places and travel and enjoy things, but it seems like we fall back into a rut of doing things that we have always done without looking at it as an adventure.

What I would like to start doing is exploring Vancouver Island more. Enjoying what I have here at home also allows me to enjoy the time with my wife here without traveling. We will still travel,  but this summer I am committed to seeing some interesting things on this special island. It would be great if any of you could give us some thoughts on where to visit and the things you enjoy. Maybe we could all share some really cool places and experiences on Vancouver Island and make a bucket list of things to do here and share with our friends.

We live in a place that most people throughout the world only dream about, so maybe we should embrace the gift we have right here at our doorstep.

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