The Strange & Bizarre Reality of Real Estate

The Strange & Bizarre Reality of Real Estate

“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” –Thomas Sowell

Real estate seems simple and straight forward to most people, but there is definitely another side that borders on the strange and hard to believe. Sometimes you have ask yourself what people were thinking…

One eccentric individual was Paul Phillips, a contractor in Oklahoma, who has built a multitude of homes over the years in his community. Throughout the years, Phillips had a dream of building a special home for himself. The unique feature that he wanted to include would allow him to fish right through his living room floor. That’s right. Fishing from the comfort of your own recliner (or rocking chair) with a beer in hand while cheering on your favorite NFL team ticks off many boxes for most guys.  

However, the issue that he faced was creating a space to put the fish.  So, Phillips rented a bulldozer and dug himself a pond.  Not only can he fish from his secret trap door in the living room, he can also fish off the porch on three sides.  When Phillips was asked how he came up with this idea to build a home specifically for fishing, he told the local news reporter that he had been fishing at a local lake when a person approached him and told him he couldn’t fish there.  This enraged Phillips, and the fish house design came to fruition.  He does say that his neighbours are as excited as he is to fish from his porch!  

This funny fishing tale reminds me of a quote by Thomas Sowell, an American economist and social theorist who is currently a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.  Sowell states that “There has never been a shortage of of people eager to draw up blueprints for running other people’s lives”.  For Philips, he designed actual blueprints for his own life, fishing hole, and home.

When adding the word “bizarre” to any headline, you are compelled to mention Florida because it seems that some of the strangest stories originate from this fascinating state.  There is a homeowner in Florida who has chosen to cover his entire home with aluminum foil.  Why?  According to the owner, he considers the tin foil to be art.  Aluminum foil has many uses. It can be used to cook and store food, make various forms of art, and, according to some questionable characters, block out mind-reading aliens. Some even use aluminum foil to insulate their windows in hot climates. Despite a few recent claims of aluminum being linked to Alzheimer’s, this amazing product can also apparently be used to turn an entire house into a silvery, shiny object of intrigue. As you walk along the side of his aluminum wrapped driveway, a silvery monument to foil-artists around the world emerges. 

These are just two examples of how real estate can be a very interesting and unusual experience for some people.  Have you ever driven past a home that is painted in a bright or unique color?  Have you seen a property that appears to have been conquered by garden gnomes?  Now you can wonder at what the rest of the story is behind these interesting and bizarre homes.

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