The Beauty of Nanaimo – Behind the Scenes & Stories

The Beauty of Nanaimo – Behind the Scenes & Stories


With the upcoming election in Nanaimo, residents have become passionate about their vision for the future of our city.  Nanaimo’s growth has not been without some bumps along the way, but its resiliency is something no one can argue.  Why do I love Nanaimo?  Each day that Myles and I have the opportunity to help a client who is moving to our city, I am reminded about why we are so fortunate to live here.  Nanaimo was faced with an incredible windstorm in December that left many of us (myself included) without power, heat and limited water for several days.  Stories of neighbours helping each other clean up yards and streets, and kind strangers who opened their homes to those affected by Mother Nature remind me why I love Nanaimo.

I have been amazed by the sheer number of birds that perch themselves on the rocks outside my window.  In fact, Nanaimo is home to 321 species of birds, with 9 species identified as being globally threatened.  The downtown seawall offers an a vibrant and eclectic mix of people who enjoy time with their children, spouse, dog (or even a cat or parrot), and friends.  The sound of seaplanes taking off or landing gently on the water are often interwoven with the sounds of kayakers, crabbers, and boaters greeting each other.

I see the beauty in my city.  I see the struggle of a downtown core that is in the process of gentrification, as more people return to live, shop and eat in local stores and restaurants.  I recognize the disheartened faces of those suffering from addiction and health issues.  I cannot close my eyes to the reality that my city is changing, redefining itself and that the process is not always painless.  However,  I see the heart of the city, like so many others, and appreciate the natural beauty and opportunity that exists in this spectacular area of the world.  With new developments poised to define our city’s neighbourhoods, and a strong desire to preserve the integrity of our Old City heritage homes, Nanaimo is melding the best of our past with the best of what is yet to come.

The potential that exists for Nanaimo is limitless, and we, as residents, must recognize that our community is strong, passionate and proud.  When we need to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are, we can just take a long stroll along our waterfront, or talk to someone who has moved to Nanaimo and you will quickly fall in love with our city that is growing and evolving – just like each of us.  This is why I call Nanaimo home.

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