Does Your Real Estate Agent Have a Friendly Face?

Does Your Real Estate Agent Have a Friendly Face?

Does Your Real Estate Agent Have a Friendly Face?

“Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.” 
Wayne Dyer

Did you know that we form an impression of someone’s personality within a few hundred milliseconds?  With that in mind, I thought that I would look into what makes a real estate agent appear friendly at first glance.  According to New York University researchers, we base our opinions on our pre-existing beliefs as to the types of characteristics that make an individual appear competent and honest.  According to researchers, how competent we deem someone to look directly correlates to how much we consider them to be friendly.  “We form these immediate impressions of people — we just can’t help it,” states Alexander Todorov, a psychology professor at Princeton University.

Interestingly, faces that are more “babyish” in appearance tend to be considered more submissive and less harmful, while faces that we consider to be angry, are determined to be unfriendly or dishonest.  Women’s faces are labeled as being “babyish” more often than men, with characteristics including larger eyes and rounder face.  Perceived likability traits also include attractiveness and smile.  People also tend to respond more favorably to faces that look more like their own, much like an primitive response to perceived threats from other animals that do not look like you.

Even in realtor photos, we watch for expressive behavior to decide if we trust someone.   Neumann et al. (2009), for example, found that in still photographs, the most valid cues of extraversion were having an energetic stance, looking stylish and healthy, and smiling.  However, our judgement is often enhanced by face-to-face interaction, as photos only give us visual information.  When we meet someone in person, we will look for auditory signals to help us determine if we like or dislike someone.  These signals might include pattern of speech, pace of speech, and tone.  We will also judge someone on other cues such as the strength of their handshake, smell of their perfume, or even their personal hygiene (stained shirt or unkempt hair).

Interestingly, psychological traits that make a successful salesperson include the ability to be empathetic as people want to do business with those whom they feel comfortable and understood. Real estate professionals need to be able to listen, communicate effectively, be patient, and remain calm.  In fact, according to, “The ability to stabilize and regulate one’s outward emotions is key for maintaining a professional and effective sales process”.

So, the next time you meet a real estate professional, be mindful of what your first impressions are and look for the psychological traits that best represent an effective sales professional.  Having an agent who is able to connect with you, understands your needs, and can effectively act on what is in your best interests may be just what the researchers and psychologists recommend.

Brian McCullough & Myles McCullough

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