50 Shades of Grey Freed… But a Problem For Selling Your Home!

 “Life isn’t black and white.  It’s a million gray  areas, don’t you find?” – Ridley Scott


I couldn’t help myself.  When I saw the ads for the next “50 Shades of Grey” movie, I knew I had to write a newsletter about it – even if it pertains to real estate.  An article in the Guardian publication called the color grey a controversial color and labeled it “the drabbest color in the palette”.  Karen Haller, an interior designer, commented that the color grey “draws no attention to itself, it keeps its distance, remaining separate”.  In fact, wearing grey clothing is often seen as the color to wear when you DON’T want to be seen.  This may be why the color grey is often worn to funerals as an alternative to wearing black.  It is viewed as “cloaking the personality” and being very serious in nature.  Dark grey walls can cause a room to look smaller than they are, and neutral colors that are warm create an inviting and spacious ambiance for a home buyer.  For this reason, light grey is quickly becoming a popular neutral color since it looks good with almost any color.  In color psychology, grey can represent peace and balance, and Christian Dior once said that “tones of grey, pale turquoise and pink will prevail”.

When selling your home, it is important to keep in mind that you want to appeal to the largest number of buyers possible.  You are not just selling a house. You are selling shelter, lifestyle, and dreams. People always want the best for themselves, and your home should represent the buyer’s answer to this goal. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Remember, they arrive at your front door wanting to find the right home. Don’t make them search somewhere else for it. If you have done your homework, every room in your home will create a desire for the buyer to stay.
Smell like a millionaire (or at least your home can smell clean).  A clean smelling house creates a positive image in the buyer’s mind. Be aware of any odors from cooking, cigarette, pets, etc. that may have adverse effects on potential buyers. Remember that some people are much more sensitive to odors than others. Smokers rarely notice the odor of tobacco that fills their homes, and pet owners may be oblivious to objectionable cat or doggy odor.  If you are trying to create a spa-like zen retreat in your bathroom, scented candles can actually have the opposite effect – especially for a male buyer.  Recent studies have shown that humans have strong, positive responses to certain smells. Cinnamon, fresh flowers, and bread baking in the oven are all excellent ways to enhance your property for sale.
Clothing optional…in your closet.  Virtually all buyers are looking for a house with plenty of closet space. Try to make what you have look generous and well-planned. Remove and store all out of season clothing. Remove any items from the floor area. This will make a closet seem more spacious. Arrange all shelves to maximize the use of space.
Landscaping can create a dramatic effect for a buyer.  Make sure that your yard is neatly mowed and raked.  Don’t let your hedge or bush overpower your property and try to create an outdoor living space that allows buyers to imagine themselves having a picnic or BBQ with friends or family.
Create a sense of warmth in your master bedroom.  Adding an open book to a coffee table, matching bed set with colorful accent pillows and lots of natural light can emphasize the best features of your home.  Replace heavy curtains with sheer white panels and add lamps and lighting wherever possible.  In the bedroom, grey bedding can be a suitable choice with some hints of color from pillows or accent chair to create a space appealing to all buyers.

Most importantly, give buyers their privacy.  Ensure that you leave the home during all showings if at all possible. It is uncomfortable and difficult for buyers to view the home when owners are present. Often times, they will rush through the home and not give it the proper attention your home deserves. It is also hard for the buyers to “picture themselves” living in the home when the sellers are present.

For a list of tips on how to prepare your home for sale, send us an email to brian@mmshomes.com. Let our McCullough Marketing Team assist you in moving…in the right direction.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,
Brian & Myles McCullough

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