Cat & Dog – Their Perspective When Selling Real Estate

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to be a cat or dog when selling your home?  In the mind of a cat, it might go something like this…

I awaken to faces peering at me as I try and catch some much deserved rest after protecting the house from any rodents and other cats who are lurking near my house.  These weird people talk about “resale value” and “updated” and how small my bedroom seems to them.  As a cat, the room is sufficient and they are simply being greedy.  They continue to natter back and forth.  “Oh…don’t you just love the drapes – they would match our bedroom set”.  They try to pet me (I am NOT a mid-morning pet kind of cat) and then try to figure out the background of my parents. Why does it matter if my mom was a manx and my dad was a calico?

Ughhh…can’t they just go away?  As their sausage-like (is it lunch yet?) fingers approach, I leap from my resting place and tell them to book a showing that doesn’t interfere with my nap.  Yes, I am hissing at YOU!!!  I just don’t understand why they need to bother me at this time.  It isn’t even noon.  I cannot wait to move to our new home with its special door so that I can just leave when annoying people try to talk to me.  I lick my paws and try to go back to sleep as I hear the people discussing my house outside the door.  Oh great…now they are commenting on my litter box.  Isn’t anything sacred anymore? These people have no decency.

I prefer independent thinkers like myself.  Great, now they are asking each other if they can really afford the house.  If you want to buy something but can’t afford it, why are you looking at this house?  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  I live within my means, and even clean myself to help the family…not like the stupid dog outside.

Now, in the mind of a dog, the story might go a little different…
I am so excited!  Some wonderful new friends stopped by my house today and they seem really nice.  They liked my special bed and one of the people even commented how shiny my coat is.  I tried to show them all of the wonderful places where I like to relax and store my belongings. The rose bushes outside are so beautiful and match her pants – a white pant suit is always in fashion if you ask me.  Wait a minute…darn it…just missed that squirrel running away. Oh well, next time.  My ball is the same color as our main bathroom – isn’t that fabulous?

These people really seem to like my house – it makes me so proud to know that other people enjoy it as much as I have.  I really hope that they buy it as I think that the ideas they have to finish off the deck sound amazing.  Yippeee…they just came outside and said what a great dog I am.  Ohh… I love having my head scratched.  I really think these are the right buyers for the home.  It is so wonderful to meet new people in life, isn’t it?  They are talking about whether or not they can afford this house.  Sometimes, paying a little more for a house that you love is worth it.  They should talk to a mortgage broker as a slight difference in their mortgage rate can save them thousands in interest every year.  

I think selling a home is one of the best things in the world and I cannot wait for my new home so I can meet other friends.  I hope that there are a lot of single ladies on my street too, being a healthy single male dog can get a bit lonely, you know?  I just hope that the cat inside doesn’t act up and scare away these buyers like the last ones who tried to pet her.

When it comes to real estate, each of us has our own personal viewpoint.  Much like dogs and cats, life is a matter of perspective. Often times, the real cost of home ownership is the cost of borrowing, or the total amount of interest that home owners will pay over the lifetime of the loan.  With interest rates still under 5% in many cases, you can literally shave YEARS off your mortgage by locking in at today’s rates.  You can even afford to have a cat AND a dog!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,
Brian & Myles McCullough – personal real estate corporation

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