SOCK MONSTERS: Real Estate Fact or Fiction?

“Sock Monsters lurk about, behind walls, in doors, behind washers and dryers!”
― Dalene Davies, Sock Monsters Invade Earth

Why is it that when you are unpacking after a move, the very essential items that you need on a daily basis (such as your box of belts) seem to get moved to impossible-to-reach location?  I think that this situation is much like the sock monster that seems to lurk in every family’s dryer.  You are positive that a full set of socks were washed and dried, only to begin folding laundry and find one sock without a mate.  I truly believe that there is a Sock Monster who hides inside the dryer and grabs one sock when it least expects it and survives solely on the cotton diet known as the “white tube sock”, while a fancier sock, such as a dress sock is considered a delicacy.

I really began buying into the idea that a long-lost cousin of the Sock Monster might be the Moving Menace who moves the very item you need to the farthest recesses of your storage locker or pile of boxes.  I could not find the Latin name or visual description of either of these well-known terrors, but I stumbled upon an article that seems to dispute the notion that my missing sock…is in fact, even missing!

Author Dan Ariely writes that it might be a trick of the brain that leads us to believe that we are being robbed by a laundry bandit.  He makes the argument in an article published by The Wall Street Journal that we just might not be aware of what is really taking place. “We also found one mechanism that can explain this mystery – the over counting of missing socks.  You have many socks and if you see one of them and don’t immediately find its partner, you say ‘Oh!  A sock has been lost!’  You remember that a sock is missing, but you do not exactly recall its type or color.  Later on, you see the matching sock, but you don’t remember that it forms a pair with the first sock, and you say to yourself (again): ‘Another sock is missing.  Where is its partner? I can’t believe so many socks go missing.’  So we often count as lost each sock in a pair – even though neither is really lost.”

I don’t know if I can believe that my brain is simply confused about my missing socks.  After some in-depth searching, I believe that Chocolatini (I’m not sure it’s their real name, but it is a great name), offered a more understandable rationale online.  “Lost socks is a result of the rotational energy of the dryer drum creating micro black holes along the lines of gravitational nuclear thermodynamic flux – the socks drop into the black hole and emerge on the other side of the space time continuum – some poor alien planet is covered in old socks this has been proven by the fact I visited the planet Saturn last year and indeed did find some old socks I had lost ….”.

For many people, packing is the point in the moving process that seems to cause the most stress.  For others, it is the art of unpacking that is by far least favorite moving activity.  When moving, it is critical to ensure that the items you will need (such as belts) are the most easily accessed.  Toiletry items, bed linens, home office, clothing and cooking tools are often the most important things to keep together to make it easier to unpack at your new home.  Ironically, for many men, ensuring that the TV and stereo systems are quickly set up can be the most critical focus.

Having a date established before your move to have cable and internet (almost more important than cable nowadays thanks to Netflix, home offices, and WIFI) can make a move much less stressful.  In the days and weeks following a move, it is important to be patient and simply try to unpack one room at a time.  You will soon love your new home and the boxes will soon disappear…just like your socks!

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