The Smallest House For Sale in Nanaimo …and Trump Becomes President of the USA

“There should be no bitterness or hate where the sole thought is the welfare of the United States of America. No man can occupy the office of President without realizing that he is President of all the people.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Can you imagine being able to afford a home in Nanaimo that is move-in ready for LESS than $135,000?  With the increasing popularity of tiny homes in North America, this charming bungalow might just be the perfect fit for a person wanting to de-clutter their life.  The downside?  The home is only 233 square feet and sits on a 2,409 square foot lot.  If you are interested in viewing, please contact our McCullough Team at 250-751-1223.

Since today marks the “huge” inauguration of President Donald Trump, I thought it might be interesting to look at a lifestyle that is not grandiose or filled with controversy.  However, even Mr. Trump is an advocate of tiny homes as he was quoted as saying in an interview with Playboy Magazine in 1990 that he “could be happy living in a studio apartment” which is likely the equivalent size of this tiny home listing in Nanaimo!

Tiny homes seem to be a social movement whereby people want to downsize for a variety of reasons.  Some believe that a tiny home creates a smaller carbon footprint on earth, while others want financial freedom of owning a home but not having a large mortgage to pay each month. Other tiny home lovers desire to simplify their lives and pursue other interests such as traveling.  It is estimated that the average home in North America is 2,400 square feet so a tiny home can be comparable in size to a master bedroom in one of these homes.  Typically, a tiny home is between 100-300 square feet in size and homes between 400-700 square feet are considered “micro-homes”.

Tiny home owners seem to live by the adage “live simply so others can simply live” and it has become a political statement for many who share significant environmental concerns.  While researching tiny homes, I even came across a Facebook page “Tiny Homes for Hillary 2016” which seemed to suggest that tiny home ownership is a polarizing topic for a small segment of voters.

On the flip side, Donald Trump is not known for owning anything “tiny” save for the online comments about his hands that Saturday Night Live has dedicated countless sketches about.  The “tiny hands” comment about Donald Trump actually originate from Marco Rubio who mocked Trump’s small hands and “you know what they say about men with small hands”. A useless fact that you can share with your friends and family is that over 30 years ago, Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair described Donald Trump as a “short-fingered vulgarain”. Interestingly enough, Trump has sent photos of his hands to Carter usually tear-offs from magazine articles with his fingers circled in the pictures with a gold Sharpie hand-written note saying “see, not so short”.  Carter has sent back the photos to Trump with a note attached saying “actually, quite short”.

Trump’s portfolio of real estate holdings are ANYTHING but tiny and include hotels, casinos, condo developments and mansions.  His primary residence in New York is a sprawling penthouse on the 66th floor that was designed to resemble the Palace of Versailles and is 3 stories high and boasts 24 carat gold accents, indoor fountain and is valued at $100 million USD!

It is difficult to know whether or not Donald Trump will be successful in his role of leader of the United States, but tiny homes do appear to be gaining popularity throughout the country.

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Brian & Myles  McCullough

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