“Labour Day” and Why Can’t You Wear White Afterwards?

“Labour Day” and Why Can’t You Wear White Afterwards?

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“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably
be Labor Day Weekend.”  – Doug Larson


Many of us refer to Labour Day as “the weekend before kids return to school” and this is the case this year for BC families. The tradition of celebrating Labour Day weekend continues as many hotels on the Island are already fully booked  After Labour Day, trailers and boats are parked back beside the house and lakeside cottages are once again empty.  However, most of us do not know the origin of the Labor Day and I thought that I would share it with you.

The origins of Labour Day actually began on April 15, 1872, when the Toronto Trades Assembly organized Canada’s first demonstration to release the 24 leaders of the Toronto Typographical Union who were imprisoned for striking to campaign for a nine-hour working day. In 1872, trade unions were actually illegal and the Toronto Trades Assembly had been recognized as a powerful organization that encouraged workers to form trade unions and looked after disputes between employers and employees.

Because of the overwhelming public support, and parades and demonstrations that continued that same year throughout Canada, Sir John MacDonald eventually promised to repeal all of the Canadian laws that barred trade unions.  Labour Day became known as a time to campaign for and celebrate workers’ rights during parades and picnics organized by trade unions.

What about the tradition of not wearing white after Labour Day?  It seems that this fashion rule was born in the late 1800’s by wealthy high society who had an appetite for snobbery.  The thought was that white was worn for summer weddings and resort outfits, while Fall parties required darker colored attire.  By the 1950’s, many magazines seem to pander to middle class families that Labour Day was the last weekend to enjoy your white clothing.  One person who was celebrated by the fashion world, but proudly wore white year-round,  was Coco Chanel, who is considered one of the great fashionistas of all time.  You can blame your hesitation to don your white pants next week on a bunch of snobby millionaires who lived 100 years ago before television was even created!

Labour Day was originally celebrated in the Spring but it was moved to the Fall after 1894. A similar holiday, Labor Day is held on the same day in the US. This year, Labour Day will be an opportunity for our team to continue serving the needs of our own clients – whether it be assisting a buyer negotiate their new investment property, or getting a client’s home sold.  Labour Day for me is truly a “day of labour” as Johanna and I are in the process of landscaping of our new home. However, our team will be working hard for our clients this Labour Day weekend and if you have a question about a property, please feel free to call us at 250-751-1223 or email us at brian@mmshomes.com.


Our office will be closed on Monday to allow our staff to enjoy a much-deserved “Labour Day” celebration, but you can reach Brian, Myles and Kiel anytime by calling us at 250-751-1223 as we will be paged and return your call in a timely manner.

We wish each of you a happy and safe long weekend and don’t “labour” when it comes to getting your home sold – call McCullough Marketing Team for all of you real estate needs and visit our website at www.mmshomes.com !


Best Regards,
Brian McCullough, Myles McCullough & Kiel Lukaniuk

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