Seniors to Drive Golf Carts on Roads on Vancouver Island

Seniors to Drive Golf Carts on Roads on Vancouver Island

I was not great behind the counter. I had a week off without asking for it. Another time, we had a cart go up in flames, and we went out on another cart, which we wrecked by running it into the cart that was on fire.” – Mike Weir 


The BC Government announced that golf carts will soon be permitted on municipal roads as part of a pilot project in 2 cities in BC –  including one on Vancouver Island! Premier Christy Clark said in a statement that golf carts will allow seniors another option in terms of transportation and allow them to maintain their independence.  Before you rush out and grab your grandpa’s golf cart, please be aware of the many restrictions.  Firstly, you can forget about messing with the motor so that you can drive at highway speeds as the carts will max out at 30 km per hour, require seat belts, insurance from the municipality, daytime driving only, possess a valid drivers license, and not drive on any highways.  This pilot project is being offered as of September in Qualicum Beach and Chase (located in the southern BC interior).  


The Globe and Mail featured Nanaimo as one of the most desirable places for retirees to live.  The article described our wonderful city as having “all of the amenities of a city without the traffic congestion and high property prices of Vancouver”. 


Stereotyped as Victoria’s, less-expensive “little brother”, some perceive Nanaimo to be a second choice city— if you want Victoria, but can’t afford it, look at Nanaimo. My experience suggests something different: Many, if not most, folks who buy a home in Nanaimo do so on purpose, because Nanaimo is their FIRST choice.  No offense to Victoria, which is a gorgeous city with its Parliament buildings and impeccable English-inspired mansions in Oak Bay, but it’s kind of like comparing apples and oranges.


So, what makes our city the first choice for so many home buyers? According to the Vital Signs Canada 2014 publication, the 10 best things about Nanaimo were: natural environment, parks, climate, friends & family, sense of community, air quality, locally grown food, recreation & sports, arts & culture and walkability.  These features resonate with retirees wanting to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.


From my vantage point, it’s both Nanaimo’s diversity and its “community-centered” vibe. Nanaimo offers a rich blend of old neighborhoods, acreages, and new executive subdivisions. You can enjoy the “old school” feel even today when you walk along Commercial Street and the downtown Seawall.  And yet, it’s growing and changing. In my neighborhood, we have young families that are new to the Island, as well as older residents who have been here for generations. The same is probably true on your street too. We have old homes, new homes, rental homes, family homes, condos and townhomes. All of us like the mix.


Where else can you live in a city where most homes have ocean or mountain views, or are only a short walk to parks and recreation?  Even though Nanaimo has grown to over 95,000 residents, it still has that small-town feel.  Nanaimo offers easy access to freeways and commuting options around the Island and to the Mainland – whether by plane, ferry, car or bike.  In Nanaimo,  you can fish in the morning, golf after breakfast and be at a ski hill by lunchtime.  In fact, two seaplane companies carry approximately 80,000 passengers annually using the floats at the Port’s Seaplane Terminal.


Real estate in Nanaimo is as diverse as the people who live here.  With a bustling Vancouver Island University, an ever-growing Nanaimo Regional Hospital, and a downtown that is being revitalized, it seems that Nanaimo is no longer the small town that your parents grew up in.  For many buyers, it is the place to call home

So, thank you very much, but no – we’re not Victoria’s less elegant, redneck brother. Nanaimo, in all its glory, is an oasis for both retirees, families and savvy real estate investors, and the stable, yet affordable real estate market here proves it. Very soon, you will see golf carts in Qualicum, so it is no wonder that retirees love our Island!


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