Thoughts With Belgium & Keeping Hope

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”  – Tom Bodett 

Many ideas about this week’s newsletter filled my brain.  Would I write about the history of the Easter egg?  What about Spring clean-up tips?  However, after the tragedy that took place in Belgium this week, it feels as though none of these ideas really matter.  I can recall with sadness the events in France and the despair felt by so many for not being able to do more to help those who had been affected.  As stories from the Belgium bombings unfold, it is hard not to catch your breath as the faceless and nameless victims suddenly come sharply into focus as the news media begins to share with all of us the personal stories, photos and names of those injured, killed or traumatized by these attacks.  Whether at the hands of evil, or out of a sick and perverse sense of duty to a religion, it does not alleviate the pain and suffering of those who have been impacted by this tragedy.

As the heroic stories in Belgium are shared, they seem to embody the strength of the human spirit beyond words.  I will never forget the footage of a woman wearing a puffy vest calming helping victims off the subway while the passengers patiently waited their turn to disembark amid the chaos of an explosion.  In August, three Americans were hailed as heroes for helping to thwart a terrorist attack on a train in Belgium.  I think that for many of us, we need to cling to the hope that good still exists in this world and that humanity has not been forsaken.

What can we do when it seems darkness has won?  I truly believe that by not giving into fear, and making sure that we choose acts of kindness to others – regardless of color, race or religion, that we retain our humanity.  With Easter quickly approaching, I think that it is fair to say that we can all use an infusion of hope and joy.  Whether it be volunteering your time feeding the homeless a simple meal, or even just paying for the cup of coffee for the person sitting in the Tim Horton’s line behind you, I encourage each one of us to embrace joy and life this Easter weekend.  I would like to hear from you and share your stories of simple acts of kindness. Let’s share the goodness that is part of life and I look forward to receiving your emails this Easter.

I do not have any answers as to why this horrible tragedy took place, nor do I think that I can understand the sheer evil that would cause someone to grievously injure and kill innocent children and adults.  My heart aches for the families affected and for a society that mourns the loss of innocence once again.

It would be unfathomable to me to write this week about real estate.  Instead, I write this week and ask each of us to love one and another a little more, hug a friend a little longer, and worry about the little things that bother us a little less.

Best Regards,
Brian & Myles McCullough

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