What is a Crisis?

What is a Crisis?

Well, if you listen to the news at all you will come to feel that everything is a crisis.

We have a housing crisis, a homeless crisis, an addiction crisis, a climate crisis, a world debt crisis, a personal debt crisis, government crisis and it just seems to go on and on.

As Tony Robbins would say, if you’re living in a personal crisis you really need to look inward and ask yourself a question: “What is my story?”.  Having been to many of his events, and I have been to many, I would recommend it whole heartedly to anyone struggling right now. Many people today are in a crisis, but when you look around you will realize that there are also many that aren’t, and it makes you wonder why. We have all been in a funk or a “bad situation” but what allows some to pull through and prosper while some languish in pain and despair? I got the answer to this at a long 6-day event of Tony Robbins in San Diego called Date with Destiny. At that event, I was intrigued by the 2,500 people that had taken the time and expense to delve deep into their past and why they are what they are and how they can change that and improve their lives and their relationships. These are people coming from all over the world to try to rediscover themselves and add more meaning to their lives. We would start around 8:30 in the morning and go till midnight or 1 am. This happened for 6 days so you can imagine how tired and broken down you become and that is also what allows you to have a breakthrough. The last day I was there we started at 9 am and at 2:30 am the next day I said to the partner that I had been hooked up with “this is amazing, look around and there are still 2,500 people here at 2:30 am after 17 & ½ hours in one room this last day.” These were people striving for change in their lives, not willing to accept a life of mediocrity or a life with a lack of meaning for them. I digress but the main point here is that we ALL have a story….no matter who you are or how good or poor your life has been. Actually, some people with the poorest of upbringings or most adversity very often go on to do amazing things with their lives and for others. Maybe it is that these people have dismissed their “story” and decided to create a wonderful new story that has no excuses and blames no one for where they are in life and instead decide to own their life and make it the best it can be. For some people this just happens but for most like me, they just get to a point where the pain is just to overwhelming and you either change or break.

What I realized at this event was that we all have our own story and oddly enough, those stories are almost always really screwed up. Why that is I am not sure, but I think it is because it helps insulate us and give an excuse as to why things have not turned out well. I remember always thinking that a hill that we used to toboggan on when I was a little kid was this huge hill and once when I went back home to Thunder Bay I went by the hill and asked someone when the city had graded the hill or flattened it out and the response was that it had always been like that. I was flabbergasted because as I looked at it, it was almost flat. Wow!!!! So, what else in my life wasn’t I remembering very accurately? Well it turned out that there were many things of all sorts that fit into that box. A story conveniently orchestrated by myself to take the blame off me and put it on everything else and justify the poor lot that I had been served with. When I really delved into it, I began to accept how distorted the story was and that was when the biggest changes started to happen in a good way.

I know there are so many people that need change in their lives, especially now, and I can tell you that anyone is capable of pretty much anything if they lose the loser story and start to believe in themselves. Look at all the businesses that have been so hugely impacted by this pandemic and then look at the ones that are not only surviving but thriving because they changed what they were doing and adapted to survive. It is in us all. Some of the most successful people I know are the least educated in a schooling kind of way but have learned so much from life and challenge.

Anyone can rise up and have the life they have always wanted if they decide to leave the BS story behind. What’s to lose? Pain? Suffering?  What’s to gain is maybe the better question, how about happiness, improved relationships, wealth and the list goes on.

For anyone looking for change, I would whole heartedly recommend going onto Tony Robbins.com. There are so many things you can assess there free of charge such as videos and podcasts, but you have to commit. Commit to wanting a better life and happiness and enhanced relationships. Really, what have you got to lose?

Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!!!

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