Isn’t it interesting how the little pleasures in life seem to give you the most joy? Especially in this new environment.

Isn’t it interesting how the little pleasures in life seem to give you the most joy? Especially in this new environment.

So it’s been two and a half months since we have actually seen our grandkids and as a grandfather and a parent I can tell you that has been one of the hardest things I have had to do. Thoughts raced through my mind if the grandkids would remember us or stand back feeling uncomfortable and not knowing what to do. It is strange how these thoughts surface, but they do.

We arranged for a socially distant wiener/smokies roast and once the invitations were accepted we set about preparing for the “event”.

I am very fortunate and proud to have the most wonderful fire pit that was made for me on my last birthday by one of my sons who is a stainless steel welder. It is a magnificent piece of art and is the center piece of our lower yard and the perfect place for family or friend outside gatherings. This would be the place we could keep socially distant while enjoying each others company.

Once the kids arrived, they were so excited at seeing grandma and grandpa and even more excited to pull all the toys out that they haven’t seen for a few months. Let’s get the ride on toys out one of them yelled. And the games were on.

It was a gala event with hot dogs, smokies, marshmallows to roast, cookies, appies and drinks for all. Prior to the “Feast”, we played on the beach, watched the crabs scurrying around and answered numerous questions about what it all meant and why all these sea creatures were on our beach.

All of a sudden it was “when can we have the wiener roast?” And on it was to the main course. We ate, played and laughed and had a great time. Then as the parents were talking about having to head home, the kids got that look of horror in their eyes and shrieked, no, no, no. We haven’t had a hot tub yet. Then the parents trying to convey why they had to leave for home until Grandpa said that the visit surly would not be complete with out a hot tub for the kids for 20 minutes. A look of Glee came over all the kids while I got stern looks from the parents, but hey, I am the boss around here… that is after my wife!!!

Well an hour later the kids were dragged out of the tub and dried off and they went straight to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Everyone looking at each other wondering what they were doing that for. The kids informed us that they were sleeping over. Yikes I was getting cold stares from all.

We convinced the kids that we probably had a few more weeks or more before we could be doing that but when we could they would have a sleepover. There were some long faces as they left

I said to my wife the next day, I feel fabulous today and she said yes so do I and I said to her I think it must be because we had the kids over to which she agreed.

Some things we take for granted till they are pulled away from us and lately it is easy to miss so many of the things we took for granted. We were relieved that the kids hadn’t forgotten who we were or played shy when they got here.

It is a reminder to me, that kids love you unconditionally and sometimes we forget that. I covet the times I spent with my grandparents and I hope that these grandkids will feel that way when they grow up.

As we have a long weekend upon us, I hope you all are able to enjoy some outdoor activities or a weiner roast with the family!

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