There Will be Some Positives After this Storm

There Will be Some Positives After this Storm

I had an interesting comment from a fellow that has done some media work for me at our home about a problem that I am experiencing with our home theatre, which made me think that no matter how tough or frustrating things get there has to be a positive to take away from it….right?

So, the other night my wife and I went to our theatre which we do every night to watch a movie or whatever else is of interest to us because what else do we have to do these days. So….I hit the remote and the screen says “no signal detected “ OMG. What do we do? Ok calm down and reboot everything, that is the first line of defence that I have been told over and over again. That usually works BUT not this time. Crap, crap, crap!!! Not really what I said but let’s keep it civil. Deep breath and reboot, reboot, reboot. Crap. My mind wanders to a Star Trek episode with Spock calmly saying I think we are experiencing a system failure. No, no, no, not right now. This is just NOT FAIR. Another deep breath. Go into the media equipment room and disappear. Ok I realize that this is WAY past my ability although I don’t want to admit that. What should I do because I am thinking I may start to hyperventilate? Then I say to my self STOP IT please, you are driving me crazy. Ok, I had a martini and that probably didn’t help. Let’s go to the living room and watch it there. Crap. Not working there either so we turn on Shaw and that is like watching paint dry. Nothing to watch, so NO. Off to bed. Upon waking the next morning, it all looks so much clearer till I turn the TV’s on but NO, Crap!!!! Text my media guy and he is working on a big installation, so he says with all this Pandemic that’s happening we are preferring to work in vacant houses. Crap!!! How about I walk you through it. Hmmmm. Ok. I am pretty good at some things like renovations and what not, but I am not an electrician. So, this is the point I have been getting around to. He says to me, “on a positive note, you will be so much more educated as to how your system works and be able to trouble shoot any problems in the future”. Ok. I am in. So now, I am in the equipment rack which has 11 pieces of equipment and more wires than I can count, but I am tracing each wire and labeling each one, tracing them back to the source and trying to figure out where the problems are.

The reality sinks in that this can have a very positive outcome as I will know my media system much better.

The reality is, life is full of challenges, and I have had more challenges in my life than I can count. Having said that, I have learned more from those challenges than you could imagine and those challenges along the way have readied me for the much bigger ones. They are lessons in life!!!

In a long round about way, these challenges and problems have readied my wife and me to get through this big one we are experiencing now. This is something that I am grateful for and in times like these we need to focus on things that we are grateful for.

We will all get through this but sometimes the best way is to break it down day by day. Small incremental movements forward in tough times I have found are the things that help you get through the tough times.

My takeaways from this pandemic that we are experiencing is I am very thankful to have saved and forgone things that I might have wanted to buy knowing that you must save for a for a rainy day living a more simple life and knowing that rainy days will come and those will need to be accounted for. This is something that a learned from my early life missteps and I paid attention to them so I wouldn’t have to endure the same pain over and over.

I do feel there will be some positives coming after this storm, such as, cherishing the small things in life. Having gratitude for what we have and not always wanting more and more of the things we really don’t need. Letting your hair grow and not caring. Picking up the phone and calling people to just say hi and see how they are doing. Knowing the pain of losing things that you take for granted and the pleasure of getting them back again. Seeing the kids, grandkids, friends and family are the most important gifts we have. For me it feels so strange not to hug people as I am a hugger. I miss the grandkids and their sleepovers. Also, we all know now how to PROPERLY wash our hands.

What I try to focus on is that this NOT forever, and really once it is over, which won’t be that long from now, I truly believe that we will all appreciate and respect the things in our lives much more than we did before this happened.

Just starting your day thinking of 10 things you are grateful for will make a big difference in your mental well being.

We are always here and easy to reach out to if you need anything or to just chat, because…what else have we got to do these days. Enjoy your week!!!

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