Does New Technology in Homes Excite You?

Does New Technology in Homes Excite You?

Are you interested in the latest technology and devices for your home? The homes of today are being built much differently than homes built even 20 years ago!  New homes are constructed to suit people’s lifestyles with a focus on comfort and efficiency. Years ago, it was enough to have a TV, a microwave and a coffee pot that you programed to brew at a certain time.  Today, home owners want to be able to do things remotely and phone apps allow them to do that.

When I was away on holidays recently, I was able to use my iPhone to set my heat pump so that when we got home, the house would be at 70°. While away, I was able to check our house and the cameras to make sure that everything was OK.  This was very helpful as I had contractors working on my house and I was able to ensure that they had arrived on time, and to check on any damage when a windstorm hit my neighbourhood. New technology such as Alexa and other voice command systems now allow you to control thermostats, humidifiers, lightbulbs, plugs, pet feeders, door locks, cameras, security systems, speakers, Wi-Fi, televisions, vacuums, microwaves, printers, hot tubs, and other smart home devices.

Although, there are some who worry that this may infringe on their privacy, and they could very well be right, I saw a joke recently that said:

My Wife asked me why I spoke so softly in the house?
I said I was afraid Mark Zuckerberg was listening
She Laughed.
I laughed.
Alexa laughed.
Siri laughed.

I am sure that more information than just what is going on in my home, is being transferred to places or systems than I would never want or realize.  Interestingly, Myles shared with me a new feature for iPhones called Shortcuts, which is an app that lets you write scripts for an iPhone. One widely shared shortcut is called Police, which records police interactions and texts a predetermined contact if you’ve been pulled over. It also sends a video of the encounter to your contact. The creator says the shortcut can be adapted for other situations.

It is amazing where technology is heading, and we are all now at a place in time where we will be able to control most anything with our Smart phone. I guess Dick Tracy wasn’t all that farfetched.

Have an awesome weekend cleaning up the fall leaves!!!!

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