Cool Facts to Help Celebrate Canada’s Birthday.

 Cool Facts to Help Celebrate Canada’s Birthday.

“My country may not be perfect, but Canada is the only place that’s perfect for me.”
~Brian McCullough

Well…many of us will celebrate the Canada Day festivities this long weekend, and I thought that I would share with you a few things that are totally reflective of our Canadian awesomeness that are not found anywhere else in the world typically.  I also want to take a brief moment to thank everyone who attended our VIP Movie Premiere Party on Saturday morning.  Our MMS Homes Team were humbled to see so many clients and friends who walked the red carpet before viewing the brand new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  If you would like to see a short video of our event, you can view it here.  If you attended and would like to see your photo taken with the incredibly friendly dinosaurs who turned up, you can take a look at the photos by clicking here.  Finally, if you heard about the movie preview that featured Myles and I and provided our audience with a bit more information about my experience in commercial real estate in Nanaimo, feel free to check out our MMS Homes video here.

Here are just a few of our party photos:

Back to Canada’s spectacular 151st birthday party and fascinating facts.  Did you know that the Crispy Crunch chocolate bar is only available in Canada?  The colorful chewy “Swedish Fish” gummies are actually made in Ontario (even though their branding seems to suggest that they travel from Europe).  Give thanks to the Hershey’s milk chocolate bar that was launched in 2013 that was milkier and creamier than the American version.  Apparently, Canadians prefer a more simple and refined chocolate than our counterparts in the US!  Along with food items like the world-famous Nanaimo bar, poutine and maple syrup, Canada seems to offer a wide variety of unique treats only enjoyed in a country that also boasts close to 60% of ALL polar bears in the world!

Our reputation with other countries seems to be one of constant interest and admiration.  How do we rank?  Canada ranks FIRST in the world in access to advanced education, is considered the most admired country with the best reputation on the globe (per: Reputation Institute 2016 Report), SECOND out of all countries for being one of the most socially progressive countries (according to 2016 Social Progress Index) and THREE of the most livable cities in the world are found in…you guessed it…Canada (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit).  We also have a health system that is accessible to all Canadians regardless of income and even though there is room for improvement, it is certainly something that we can all stand behind.

I think that we are all truly fortunate to live in a country that welcomes other religions, cultures, and viewpoints in a respectful manner.  Even though we have a few odd things such as our currency that we refer to as a “loonie” or twoonie”, it just shows that Canadians know how to laugh at ourselves and with actual mounted police who ride horses, I must admit that I think being Canadian is pretty darn cool.  It is one of the reasons that I proudly display my love for this country with a maple leaf tattoo on my arm.  Let’s join together to celebrate our country’s 150th united, free and joyous.

With Canada celebrating its incredible 151st birthday, our McCullough Team will be available this weekend to help you with any of your real estate questions and needs.  With continued low interest rates, it is a good time to consider selling or buying a  home.  Thinking about selling your home this Summer?  Email our McCullough Team today at or contact us at RE/MAX of Nanaimo at 250-751-1223 for a a current value of your home, and in-depth review of factors that may affect the value of your home.  We will provide staging and updating tips that will specifically help your home sell faster and for more money than competing homes in your area.

Best Regards,
Brian & Myles McCullough

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